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Cigarros "Mild"


The term “mild cigars” can mean a couple of things. If it refers to the body of a cigar, it means the cigar does not pack a strong nicotine punch. In this category are often called light cigars, with the Edge Lite by Rocky Patel being a very good example. These are outstanding cigars for beginners to start with, and if they don’t produce the desired effects, the smoker can move to medium-bodied cigars to find what they are looking for. Mild cigars may also refer to the taste, or flavor, or the cigar. Mild cigars tend to be nutty, somewhat sweet, with perhaps coffee-like flavors exuding from them as you smoke them. It is also true that mild flavored cigars tend to be lighter in body, though this is not always the case.

If you are just getting started, or are welcoming a friend into the cigar community, a brief list of mild cigars will offer good starting points. These mild cigars are available at most retailers, though you might find the best, most affordable selection at web-based cigar retailers. We recommend the following mild cigars. First, the Carlos Torano Cigars are Honduran cigars that actually pack a lot of flavor – though not overwhelming, strong flavors. They are rich, complex, and enjoyed by cigar aficionados and novices alike. Secondly, Macanudo Hyde Park stogies are mild cigars that offer a mouthful of nuttiness in each puff, with very smooth finishes. The CAO Criollo is another fine line of mild cigars, offering rich flavors reminiscent of freshly cut hay with herb and coffee undertones. Finally, the king of mild cigars is one of the absolute best smokes on the planet, the Fuente Forbidden X, bursting with rich, sublime flavors ranging from sweet apples to luscious floral bouquets. One further note that will help you make the right decisions on mild cigars: smaller sizes of each label will be milder than larger sizes, because flavor and punch tends to accumulate as the cigar shortens.

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