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Eligiendo Accesorios


Once firmly entrenched in the magical realm of cigars, the cigar accessory will most likely come into play.

You may start off innocently enough in search of the two items I consider most essential. These would be cigar lighters and the cigar cutter.

Whether in search of cigar travel cases, cigar tube, or a cigar holder, you'll quickly realize there is a seemingly endless array of choices. A quality cigar accessory can be found at a reasonable price if you take the time to compare.

You have choices to make, and a little bit of homework can save a whole lot of money.

Do you want the 14 carat gold plated cigar tube or is the stainless steel sufficient?

Is it absolutely a must for you to have the rare Italian leather for your cigar travel case, or is the more common type acceptable?

That crystal ashtray may look great in your living room and make a great weapon against intruders, but those porcelain cigar ashtrays will serve the purpose for your favorite cigar.

Oh, and let's not forget about the all important talking digital hygrometer. How did one survive with just the plain old one where you had to actually read the humidity and temperature levels?

Bottom line is, whether you are a basic no-nonsense individual, or one that looks for the higher end unusual cigar accessory, there is something for everyone.

Do not assume that just because your gold cigar lighter cost a fortune, that it's got to be good. Check out our pages on the various cigar accessories. You'll walk away with some basic no-nonsense advice.

In the end, as we have said before, you are the final judge. It boils down to your own personal tastes and preferences. If you feel the higher end items (in price, not always in quality) add to the cigar glamour, go for it if that's your thing.

However.... why pay $50.00 more for the exact same accessory. Check out a few retailers and compare. This is especially easy to do online. Just make sure it is a reputable site. Take the money you save by doing some comparison shopping and use it toward your quest to find that perfect cigar!

Don't get too wrapped up in all of this. After all, were talking about finding a cigar accessory, not world peace.

Most important of all, don't forget to take time out to enjoy your favorite cigar. After all, what's all of this about if you can't enjoy the very thing that got you involved to begin with!

   por Cigar-Info-Guide

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